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  The Mixed-Up Suite  

The four programs that make up the suite, MIXOR, MIXREG, MIXNO, and MIXPREG, provide mixed-effects regression functionality.

The work was supported by the National Institute of Mental Health and the MacArthur Foundation, and the programs are available free of charge.

You can download batch versions for DOS or Windows 3.x and 95 compliant programs. The latter provide well designed user interfaces to guide you through the definition process and provide filter selections based on current settings with bounds and type checking. This allows non-experts to run powerful analyses on their data.

If you use Windows XP, or if you encountered "Memory protection fault" errors while using the MIX programs, download the XP patches.


SuperMix combines the functionality of the four mixed-effects programs in the Mixed-Up Suite into a single application to provide estimates for mixed-effects regression models.

SuperMix extends the functionality available in the Mixed-Up Suite by providing advanced data handling, the ability to reference columns by name, sophisticated import and export capability, visualization of data and results, increased analysis speed and additional statistical engine functions.

SuperMix has been developed by Scientific Software International under an SBIR Phase II contract N44MH32056. The application will fit models with continuous, count, ordinal, nominal, and survival outcome variables with nested data, allowing for up to three levels of nesting. For a more in-depth look at SuperMix and to download a free fully functional 15-day trial edition vist the SSI SuperMix homepage.

Last updated November 6, 2008